Organic Rompers Set (Blue Pattern + Drone Design) | Mamashero

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• 100% Organic Cotton
• Best fabric for baby's skin
• Enchanting color and design, adding a touch of charm to your baby's wardrobe.
• Comfortable for everyday wear
• Allowing your baby to look irresistibly cute and fashionable.

In harmony with nature, our collections are made from organic cotton. In the process of its production natural substances like garlic, citric acid, and chills are being used instead of pesticides. This cotton is also collected by hand. Why all of this? To protect the skin of the children because in the process of production of such cotton, no chemicals are being used. Products manufactured from a such material guarantee that the clothing is very delicate and without any substances that may irritate the skin of the babies. This is especially important for children having allergy-related issues.