Humana Milk Pudding Baby Snack Vanilla Flavor


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• No added preservatives or artificial flavours
• 80% Milk- With Calcium for healthy bones
• No need to chill or refrigerate
• Convenient healthy afternoon snack
• No need to prepare, just peel open and offer to baby

Humana Milk puddings contain fruit purees (for the fruit varieties) and are a high source of Calcium. Humana Milk Puddings are a delicious snack for infants and toddlers that is ideal at home and on-the-go. Thanks to its convenient shape, and because it does not require refrigeration, Humana Milk puddings allows the baby to enjoy a healthy dessert when out and about. Just open, stir and spoon. They contain lots of milk, only natural ingredients, lower sugar content (100kcal per cup) to form an age-appropriate snack.