Humana ProBalance™ Follow-on Formula Milk, 6-12 months, 800 g


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• NON-GMO milk from 6-12 months
• With all Essential Vitamins A, C & D, and Minerals
• Contains Iron and Calcium
• 100% Vegan Pack & BPA-free
• Integrated leveler for an easy bottle preparation

Humana Stage 2 infant milk is 100% made in Germany. It is non-GMO baby milk containing ProBalance™.

ProBalance™ is our promise to provide your baby with all essential nutrients in age-adapted amounts - based on more than 65 years of experience in science and research.

All the essential micro-nutrients - Vitamins and Minerals - and macro-nutrients including carbohydrates and healthy fats for healthy growth. They are subject to strict controls to guarantee safety and quality. They are especially composed for age-adapted nutrition.