Buttoned Knit Gray Romper with Hat

Bibena Wear

Size: 6-12 M
3-6 M
6-12 M
12-18 M
18-24 M

72.00 ريال 120.00 ريال Save 48.00 ريال


• One-piece baby Knitted Button Romper with Hat
• Made in soft colors with long, continuous rows of buttons
• breathable, cozy, and super soft material.

Bibena wear is a leading European brand of children's clothing. With comfort and fashion in mind, their focus on quality and safety leads to clothes of the highest standards. Developing materials with parents, they consider every detail for the baby, in order to accompany and witness every beautiful moment of a baby's growth. Bibena wear creates a full range of cute and stylish baby clothes, rompers, jackets and accessories.