Anti-Colic Baby Bottle - 330ml

Color: White
31.00 AED Dhs. 57.00

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• BPA-free - Ensures safety for both baby and caregiver.
• PP-plastic - Manufactured with premium, high-quality polypropylene material.
• Teat - Made from silicon, includes size S (0+ months).
• Mixer net - Actively dissolves clumps in the formula.
• Anti-colic valve - Helps reduce baby colic.
• Container - Allows for convenient preparation and storage of homemade meals.
• Extra wide neck - Facilitates easy refills and effortless cleaning.
• Ergonomically designed - User-friendly and comfortable grip for both parent and child.

Twistshake baby bottle is the safe baby bottle that reduces the stress of daily life.
Twistshake’s baby bottle is perfect to use in combination with regular breastfeeding. Every bottle contains a practical powder container as well as a mixing net. The unique system called TwistFlow actively prevents baby colic and ensures an even flow. The bottle has a wide neck, making it easy to clean. It also has a grip-friendly design that retains heat.