Nestle NAN Supreme Pro 1 Infant Formula From 0-6 Months 800g


140.50 ريال


• Hypoallergenic Starter Infant Formula based on cow's milk
• An infant formula that supports your baby's healthy development in the first six months of life.

With more than 150 years of expertise, Nestle brings you NAN SupremePro 1, an infant formula that supports healthy development for the first six months of life. Based on cow's milk, NAN SupremePro 1 has been specially developed for infants at risk of allergies, as well as normal healthy infants. NAN SupremePro 1 contains OPTIPRO, a protein blend obtained through a special treatment that partially breaks down the milk protein in cow's milk, making it the ideal choice for infants with a family history of cow's milk allergy, as well as those who are suspected to develop an allergy. Nestle are also committed to caring for the environment. Our packaging incorporates renewable plant based resources, with a recyclable lid and scoop made from at least 66% sugarcane. Choosing NAN SupremePro 1 means that you can provide your child with a strong foundation for his or her future health. If your child already has a declared allergy to cow's milk protein, do not use NAN SupremePro 1 without asking your doctor.