Humana ProBalance™ Growing-up baby Milk, 1-3 years, 800 g


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• NON-GMO milk from 1 - 3 years
• With all Essential Vitamins A, C & D, and Minerals
• Contains Iron and Calcium
• 100% Vegan Pack & BPA-free
• Integrated leveler for an easy bottle preparation

Humana Stage 3 baby milk is 100% made in Germany. It is a non-GMO baby milk containing ProBalance™.

ProBalance™ is our promise to provide your baby with all essential nutrients in age-adapted amounts - based on more than 65 years of experience in science and research.

All the essential micro-nutrients - Vitamins and Minerals - and macro-nutrients including carbohydrates and healthy fats for healthy growth. Prebiotics support gut health and nucleotides support the immune system. They are subject to strict controls to guarantee safety and quality. They are especially composed for age-adapted nutrition.